Earliest Manuscript Scriptures for Snufferites

An interesting announcement and maybe a worthy project: Link A and Link B

It is interesting that the Joseph Smith Papers announced a separate and similar volume just 2 days ago. I don’t think Snufferites are large enough to cause such reactionary waves, but the timing is extremely curious. Mainly it puts a slight grin on my face to feed my conspiratorial mind  or to think that the universe really is conscious and molding to the wills of unseen forces.

I’d argue that the D&C needs a complete and total overhaul. After a healthy debate that is. Should D&C 136 or 138 go? Others? Various journal recordings of things Joseph Smith (i.e. D&C 130)? Maybe a genre formatting as is present in the New Testament? Sections for Lectures, Word of the Lord Revelations, Speeches, Epistles? What about other revelations that are currently not present in any D&C but now published by the JS Papers Project?

That would be quite the undertaking.

I’ve also given my opinion in the past that The Book of Moses should extend to JST 9: here.