Meanwhile on the Bloggernacle

This relates to the prior post.

Around the same time as I saw ‘The Second Comforter‘ in the BYU bookstore, I also ran across Denver Snuffer’s now defunct From the Desk of Denver Snuffer blog. I didn’t realize the author was the same.

I skimmed a bit. I noticed his interpretation of certain things (such as the identity of “the noble and great ones”) didn’t jive with my understanding at the time. He was also far too easy on the LDS church; why should anyone stay in the church and maintain a temple recommend when the church had diverged so far from it’s founding?

My initial judgement was that this guy, Denver Snuffer, was probably full of shit. And so I didn’t continue reading his blog, at least for the time being.


At the BYU Bookstore

During my freshman year at BYU, I was walking through the bookstore on campus. I remember seeing the bookThe Second Comforter‘ by Denver Snuffer on a bookshelf in the religion section.

I went through probably my most severe faith crisis during that year and had determined that the mainstream LDS was in apostasy. At the time I was seriously entertaining fundamentalist LDS claims.

As I read the title and looked at the cover, I was disgusted. I determined the book (like most books in the bookstore) was not worth even a second to consider. I fully believed that it was another presumptuous book written by an LDS author, meant to entice an audience with a now obscure topic, while at the same time dissuading readers from actually believing Joseph Smith. I presumed that it would present the topic, then interject modern quotes about how we should be weary of spiritual experiences and that the second comforter is not something we should actually expect or seek.

A lot has changed since that time. Both at BYU and in my heart.